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Crouch named starter, Newcombe to catch

The latest news out of Lincoln is about the all to familiar quarterback controversey. Tuesday (9/14/99), at his weekly press conference, Frank Solich stated that Eric Crouch would start the So. Mississippi game. While giving the news about Crouch's big promotion, Solich also stated that Newcombe would move out to wingback. This is exactly what most Husker fans wanted to see, Newcombe out where he belongs and Crouch where he belongs. It is definitely the best thing for the team. Rumor had it that Newcombe had told Solich that he really wasn't comfortable playing QB, and that he wanted to turn the job over for a receiver's job.

While smiles came across the media and some players, not all was good the the '99 Huskers. Solich did comment that Husker I-back DeAngelo Evans would not be on the depth chart from now on. Solich said that Evans had decided that he really didn't want to play football anymore. Although a big hole is now open, it's not necessarily all bad. Dan Alexander and Correll Buchalter are still in the mix, and both are healthy.