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A New Season, a New Team

The new 1999 college football season is just what Nebraska fans have been waiting for...ever since Arizona wipe us up in the '98 Holiday Bowl, that is. Fans around Nebraska just staring at the wall, wondering to themsleves, "How did we lose more games combined last year that Osborne lost his last FIVE years?" Well, it's actually quite simple. When you take into account what was transpiring at the time, it's really not that surprising the the Huskers lost 4 games last season. A new coach and a relatively new offense that was at times good, and at others...well, just plain terrible. Look for a "NU" team in '99. A fully loaded defense and a fat, big, nasty O-Line makes for a long season for Nebraska opponents. The first to face the test, of course, are the state-bordering Iowa Hawkeyes. This should put a good test to the Huskers early, on both sides of the ball.

With Newcombe at the helm of the Husker O this season, the option as well the entire Nebraska running game will be back in full force. Oh, perhaps I forgot to mention that I-back DeAngelo Evans is back in the Husker backfield, also. I really wouldn't worry about the Nebraska running game, or the passing game this year, not with Jr. Matt Davison returning as a top receiver and Shevin Wiggins coming back, that is if he ever gets out of his little "jam".

The Blackshirts are perhaps what kept the Nebraska team from losing 5 or 6 games last year. Mike and Ralph Brown will be the leaders on this fairly young NU defense. Brian Shaw and Steve Warren will also add some strength on the Huskers D-Line, also. The Blackshirts should be solid, providing no injuries, that is. It should be a fun year for the Husker-D as they aim for their second BIG XII title.


This year I look for NU to be strong on both sides of the ball. Injuries could very well shut things down in a hurry, though. With tackle Jason Schwab already out, the Husker offense will have to step it up, hopefully injury free. My final thought is this: If Nebraska stays healthy and Newcombe and Evans pull through, look the BIG XII trophy to be in Nebraska's possession, and you never know...maybe the beloved Sear's trophy will land in Lincoln...again.