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Bob Devaney. One of the greatest, if not the greatest teacher in college football. He started his career with the University in 1962. Then he was the head football coach, and one of the most successful at that. He led the Nebraska Cornhuskers to TWO national titles in '70-'71. He started the dynasty of greatness, and for that will be remembered always as the "beginning" of NU football.

In 1967 Devaney was named Athletic Director as well as head coach of NU. He had 8 BIG EIGHT titles, 2 national titles, and the greatest NU streak ever, 32 games, lasting from 1969-1972. Is it amazing? I think I speak for the entire state of Nebraska when I say that it is. 101-20-2!!!! That was Devaney's total record at NU. If you want the whole resume, you've got a total of 136-30-7 career wins (.806). In 1981 he was named to the National College Football Hall of Fame, becoming AD Emeritus in 1993. The thing that shocked Nebraskans in '95 was Devaney's stroke that weakend his abilities even more, causing him to retire from the university, officially. As stated before, Devaney's career with Nebraska officially ended in 1996, leaving him with a total of 34 years at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Devaney left many eyes in sports with a special love in their hearts that many of them will NEVER lose. He will always be remembered. And what better way to leave, then as a HUSKER!!! He was a true Nebraskan and he will have a part in Nebraska history, forever. Keith Jackson, commentator for ABC Sports, told of Devaney as "the builder of the game". Tom Osborne commented to reporters that Coach Bob Devaney will NEVER be replaced. He practically began Osborne's career, hand picking him from many to retain the Head Coaching position at Nebraska. He was an inspiration to all Nebraskans. He will continue to be a role-model to all of us, and will always be a friend to all Nebraskans. Good Bye Mr. Devaney.

Speaking for all Nebraskans: Thank you Coach. You will NEVER be forgotten.

Bob Devaney-1915-1997. *Died May 9, 1997 @ 4:05pm*

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